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Dana is an INCREDIBLE photographer. If you want photos that capture the energy and emotion of your day with an artistic and journalistic style, then Dana Romanoff is the photographer for you. When you meet with Dana she'll explain that her approach to weddings is that she wants to be like your good friend that happens to have a camera so that she blends into the background, rather than becoming a focal point of your day. Dana did this masterfully, capturing intimate moments when we never even knew she was there. The quality of her finished product is second to none!!! If you've ever looked at a wedding photos in magazines that seem to have an ethereal or sublime quality that makes you say, "I soooo want THAT for my wedding" look no further. Dana will capture those very images for you!! We are beyond THRILLED with our photos!!! THRILLED!!! On top of all this, Dana is kind, courteous, professional and fun to work with. Our guests even commented on how great she was. She worked with her assistant, Mel (who was also great!), who maneuvered the lighting equipment and helped set up shots. Dana met with us twice before our wedding to go over what we were looking for and walk through our venue. During our walk through, she was willing to check out a trail and barn we had found that we wanted to incorporate into our photos. She willingly hiked and climbed over fences with us and those pictures turned out AMAZING. I can't rave enough about Dana and recommend her to you without any reservations. She is THE BEST!!!- Tristen & Pat, Evergreen Lake House, Colorado

"Holy sweet mother of pearl on a seamless!Best. Wedding. Photos. Ever!"-sister of the brideElizabeth & Dave MazessTelluride, CO

Dana is a superstar! From the moment she arrived, you could see her snapping photos in her head. And she was seemingly able to capture every moment, every joy, every tear, every hug, every jig...The day to me is a blur, but the magic of it all was captured by Dana's incredible eye. The story of my wedding will be forever told through her amazing photos, full of creative landscape and adventuresome moments. On top of all that, she is incredibly professional and charming. - Andy & Erin, St. Regis, Aspen, Coloado.

We knew from the beginning that out of all the decisions that make up the crazy process of wedding planning, one of the most important would be finding a photographer. We didn’t just want pictures of our wedding – we wanted someone who could capture the warmth, quirkiness, excitement and sheer delight of the day. With this hopeful expectation for our pictures, we feel incredibly lucky to have found an artist like Dana to capture all the color and richness of our celebration. With her luminous pieces, Dana was able to describe the story of our wedding in lush detail: the laughter and camaraderie of our friends, the poignancy of emotion on our family’s faces as we said our vows, the slow sweetness of the first dance, the jaw-dropping splendor of the Colorado mountains. Dana’s images reveal the joy of our wedding and the love that surrounded us throughout that sunny day; she is truly an exceptionally gifted photographer. In the coming years, as my husband and I have new adventures and continue to make happy memories together, we will always take great pleasure in looking through the vivid images of our first steps and smiles as man and wife.Matt & Rosi HendersonC Lazy U Ranch

I was really picky about photographers and I couldn't be happier that I went with Dana Romanoff! I am not exactly the most traditional bride, and I find most wedding photography to be cheesy and generally horrifying. All of the jumping and clearly staged poses most photographers do are a total turn- off for me. I found there are a lot of bad wedding photographers out there! Thus, I had a long search for a photographer. I happened across Dana's website and I was really impressed. I was looking for someone who would capture the day as it was happening, not monopolize my time, or have me posing like a fool. Dana's documentary style was exactly what I wanted. Unlike so many photographers who claim to be photo journalists, Dana actually is one. Her pictures of Mexico that were featured in National Geographic caught my eye and I knew I had to talk to her. After interviewing Dana I had no doubts. She was down to earth, and she completely understood what I wanted. I told her that I wanted some family portraits (for my mom) and otherwise I wanted a bunch of candid shots that captured not only me and my husband, but also all our family and friends enjoying the day. I got exactly what I paid for. She was fantastic. Besides the portraits I really never saw her, and her work was stunning. I don't know how she made me look so good and she really captured my guests at their best. Plus, she had the images up on her website in about a week. In addition to being talented she is such a great person and I walked away hoping to see her again, in a social setting. Most people would not say that about their wedding photographer. If you want a really great person who is an amazing photographer capturing your day, contact Dana. She is beyond worth it!-Alissa Loeffler, Boulder, CO

We cannot express how thrilled we are with the photos from our wedding. They are truly AMAZING! We continue to receive compliments from our guests. Having you photograph our wedding was one of the best choices we made throughout the planning process and we are so glad to have such great photographs to look back on in the coming years. Thank you again, we couldn't be happier. - Katie & Danny, Boulder, Colorado

After looking at Dana's photosI knew she had the 'eye' I was looking for. We met with her over lunch and her manner and attitude also inspired us that she would fit in at the wedding very well. We had a few other conversations via email before the wedding, and at the big day she came dressed appropriately and with all her gear. I took a few minutes to do last minute catchup, and the rest of the day/evening I barely even knew she was there. The wedding day is a big whirlwind, and I don't know how she was able to get all the great shots she did as it seemed like she turned into the size of a mouse and was able to get photos very un-obstrusively for us. The final output! The retouched photos she produced look so good. There are some very touching moments - Father of the Bride looking out the window with the light hitting his face 'just so,' The groom and his mother dancing both with huge smiles. The look in the bride's eye as she is looking at the groom in the middle of the ceremony just makes my heart melt. From a nuts and bolts perspective, she was always on time, always friendly, never loud or demanding, and got us the photos up on her website in a very timely manner - in fact she emailed a couple retouched photos right away so we could have them on our honeymoon. I couldn't recommend Dana any more highly. - Don Poe and Erin O'Brien, Boulder, CO

Dana has a rare ability to capture the perfect moment without drawing any attention to herself. She managed to capture the excitement with each picture and the emotion clearly shines through each shot. I would recommend her work to any bride/groom-to-be and cannot speak enough about her professionalism and efforts - the results speak for themselves as we now have the luxury of reliving each moment from our big day through her pictures!- Cecily and Alex, New London, Connecticut

Dear Dana,We want to thank you so much for the gorgeous images of our wedding. Your photographs capture personalities and emotions so fully, and they communicate so beautifully the dreaminess of the evening -- we feel so lucky to have them. Whether people were talking, laughing, relaxing, dancing, or crying, your work translates the joy that we and others felt that day and, we feel, really tells "our story." Your candid shots are so remarkable -- you keenly captured wonderful, fleeting moments without intruding in them -- and your ideas for posed portraits were fresh, fun, and perfect. Perhaps most importantly, throughout the day, you were energetic, funny, and friendly, and showed a true talent for setting your "subjects" (our friends and family) at ease... We can't thank you enough for your wonderful work. Jessica Adler and Aaron MattfeldBrooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, New York

James and I are delighted with our wedding pictures from Dana Romanoff! Her approach was gentle and well-organized to record our big day and all the right people beautifully. As a National Geographic Photographer, we expected her to be professional but we were happily surprised by her personal, caring touch, which made all the difference. For a perfect combination of behind the scenes memories and formal portraits, I highly recommend Dana Romanoff.- Jessica Schneider Chance, Hocking Hills, Ohio

At the suggestion of a friend, I contracted with Dana Romanoff to photograph my daughter's wedding at a lovely, old tudor estate in Cleveland, Ohio. To be honest, I thought that I was paying quite a bit for her services, but I decided that the pictures are one of the few lasting mementos of a wedding, and knowing that Dana was a National Geographic photographer, I knew she would "feel" our day.I am SOOO glad I went with my heart because the pictures are glorious. They are soft, romantic, flattering, and elegant. They capture the mood of the party, which ranged from beautiful architecture and grounds, to rain during the outside service, which caused us all to scurry inside a veranda and finish the service, and finally to happy abandon on the dance floor.Dana got photos of all the family and friends so no one was left out. She was unobtrusive as she got shots from unusual angles, making the photos more interesting than the usual wedding shots. And, for the cherry on top, she is perfectly delightful and fit into our party as a guest. We have become good friends. I cannot recommend her highly enough!-Martha Rogers Marsh, Cleveland, Ohio

For such a crazy weekend, Dana made the photography element go so smoothly. She captured everything we possibly could have wanted...before, during, and after...with a special touch on the candid moments of the day with family and friends and the special locations we chose. I absolutely love her artistic style that transcended just the "staged" photos that you see so much in wedding photography. A strong recommendation for sure!Megan & JJ, Telluride, CO

Dana is a photographer who uses her creative eye and natural affinity with people to capture a true representation of who you are through the pictures. They weren't just photographs of our wedding, they were a glimpse into our personalities. We were equally moved and blown away by the wedding video she created using the photographs. Watching it made us feel as if we were reliving the day and it is a wonderful way to keep the memory alive. As friends and family have commented, they have seen many wedding photos but never any that matched what Dana did. We plan to make a large poster of a photo of us walking in the forest as we feel the setting and mood she captured really sums up who we are as a couple and we would like to hang that as art on our wall. And I guess that is what makes Dana's photography different - she truly is an artist. Highly, highly recommend Dana Romanoff Photography.Sharon & Tim Johnston, North Carolina

Dana is an amazing photographer. Because Dana documents in a photojournalistic style, the photographs become more than something pretty to look at; Dana is able to capture personalities, poignant moments, and atmosphere in a way that allows her work to become a visual narrative of your wedding day. She works with the utmost professionalism, passion for her work, and focused energy. Some of my guests commented that they couldn't wait to see the pictures simply based on watching Dana work! Our products turned out beautifully. I highly recommend Dana Romanoff Photography.- Lisa & Chris Perry, Colombus, Ohio

We loved having Dana as our photographer. She is a very down to earth and very talented. She really did everything to make sure we had the best pictures possible. We got married in the mountains of Colorado in March and wanted some shots on our skies after the wedding. we had our skies and boots, but I forgot socks, so Dana gave me hers. I really couldn't ask for much more.Melissa & Peter Armstrong, Colorado

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