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photo philosophy


For me, photography is about connecting with people. My favorite part is getting to know you and visually telling your story. I am your memory keeper, your storyteller and your personal artist. You never know when those magical moments will occur so I like to be there from beginning to end.  I'll follow you everywhere - including on occasion to the bathroom- to be sure not to miss those moments. My photos are soulful, layered, timeless and authentic. When you receive your photos, I want you to look at them and re-live the experience and the joy. 


Some of my clients get married while jumping out of planes, on horseback at the beach, at organic farms, on skiis on top of a mountain or in the jungles of South America. Don't worry; not all of my couples are crazy. But all are crazy in love and all have a wedding story.


Enjoy viewing my portfolio and be sure to go to the wedding stories blog to see some more complete weddings and read the stories behind the photos.


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