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my story

When I was young I wanted to be Indiana Jones (with a camera)

 I am dedicated to doing photography for social good and work for humanitarian and editorial clients and publications such as National Geographic Magazine

 I rock a pair of cowboy boots with winged hearts and peace signs

 My role at your wedding is as a visual storyteller and your personal artist

 I have a Masters degree in Visual Communication / Photojournalism

 I am just as happy sleeping in a thatched hut as I am in a room at the Ritz

 My images have been exhibited, published and received recognition around the globe

 I believe that love is love is love and I welcome all couples

 I'll photograph throughout dinner but do stop to eat dessert

 Spanish is my second language

 There is a young boy in Ghana named Romanoff. He's my sweetie

 When the light, moment and scenery all come together that's the photo god at work

 I feel connected to the people I'm photographing. That's how great pictures are made

 If I ever write a memoir it would be titled "In Search of the Perfect Mango." Why?

1. I'm obsessed with mangos

2. When living in South America I was told that mango is slang for handsome man

 While in college in 1999 I met my perfect mango but didn't know it then

 We reunited in 2007 when I attended a friends wedding in Colorado

 We wed September, 2013

(that's us in the photo at our wedding where I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York)



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